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E-Mailing Through Europe >> Provence, France 2001

An American in France

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 14:11:17 -0700 (PDT)

From: k p
Subject: Catching Up

The highlights of the last few days after the incredible meal we ate (I'll backfill the details when I get an American keyboard.)

July 15
Sat around and digested the food we had been eating for 3 days. Ate some more.

"Just a zittle taste," Claude would say. "Fromage is Typique of ze region. Very special"

July 16
Drove around the Auvernge region some more with Claude and Martine. Is very beautiful; we saw every lake, volcano, castle and cute town in the region. From the

"Very Special," Claude would say, pointing at the Site through the window. Then: "Allez!"

July 17
Le Tour de France. In the Alps. It was incredible; a dream come true for me. Bearable for Eva. The beauty of the Alps cannot be described, but the excitement of the Tour will be described in detail later for everyone. Foreshadowing: 220 km in one day; 3 vertical climbs averaging 15 km and 7.5 percent grades each.And ze americane won. Quelle Suprise!

Claude and Martine dropped us at a hotel in Lyon. I hope each of you gets to spend 4 days with a Claude and Martine. Truly one of the great culinary and family experiences of my life. Very Special.

July 18
Today we took the train to Provence and bummed around Nimes. Our hotel room has a balcony overlooking the rooftops of the medieval town. C'est Bon.

July 19
Tomorrow we go to the wineries and hotel at Chateux Neuf de Pape. Tommorow night we to be drunk.



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