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September 4 trivia

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 09:46:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: k p
Subject: le 4 septembre

Responses from the group, and future contestants on "Who wants to be ze millionaire..."

Jessica Raab:
September 4, 1870? The workers proclaimed France a REPUBLIQUE!!!!!

Philip Press:
September 4, 1870 is the date of the overthrow of the second empire of Napoleon II and the establishment of the third republic. I believe France is currently working on their fifth republic.

Cousins Diane and John
Well ken, September the 4th... ? I reckon it COULD be because that is when the first ever boy scout rally was held in London in 1909. The french were said to be "much impressed" by this. Alternatively it couldbe because that well known Danish francophile Edvard Grieg died on that day.

I doubt if they named the street after the fact it was on that day that the Emperor Napoleon III was deposed.

Dan McGrath
The end of rule by the emperor and the birth of the French Republic.

Ron Rosier:
My sister Chelley was born on the fourth of september.


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